Easily extract structured data from any website. No need to ask IT.
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Frequently Asked Questions
A bit more detail please?
Just point & click on a webpage to select the data items you want. Ready? Hit 'play' to extract data on all relevant pages. Export to CSV and other formats. 'Replay' whenever you see fit. All without asking IT. Your IT-department and nephew Bob thank you.
Okay, how about some Use Cases?
Sales Engineering, competitor pricing, sources for Data Journalism, and dozens of other use-cases. Sounds good? We think so too.
How is Captured.io priced?
Captured.io is Software-as-a-Service (SAAS). This means you pay a subscription fee to use (TBD). However, the smallest plan is fully functional and forever free.
Do I need to install anything?
Captured.io is a Chrome Extension. It’s an easy 1-click install.
How does Captured.io work technically?
Visiting a site from which you want to extract data, simply click the Captured.io extension. Captured.io walks you through visually selecting data items on the webpage.
Okay, so now Captured.io will eagerly start humming along?
Yep that’s right. Captured.io uses your browser to extract all relevant data and informs you when it‘s done. This all happens in the background so it doesn’t bother you. Paid plans allow extracting data on our servers for a completely hands-off experience.
I want to know more!
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